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Hiromu Seifert

Drummer I Composer I Producer

(C) Ben Danzig


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Hiromu Seifert is a Berlin-based jazz drummer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer who often works in the intersection of composed and improvised music

Becoming - Cover - FINAL.jpg
artwork by Laurie Dumar


Suite for Mixed Ensemble 


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“BECOMING" observes where we are going as humanity, as well as change on an individual and global level.
Each of the three movements offers a different perspective.

Musically, I tried to translate and blend inspirations from various musical traditions

into written pieces for a (mixed) classical ensemble


"becoming" - Suite for mixed ensemble

"Pakt mit dem Teufel" Recomposition for Stegreif.Orchestra

"In My Home Office" - Beethoven ReComposed


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